5 Leadership Qualities That Will Make You Excel at Your Workplace

  1. Be passionate about your work.

    As an employee you must demonstrate a commitment to the attainment of the goals of the organization in which you work, no matter the level. If you are the ‘oga’ – Head of Department, Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer and you want dedicated employees, you need to be dedicated yourself. Don’t be shilly-shally (hesitate) to speak passionately about what you believe in. Show your staff how strongly you believe in the vision and mission of the company and how much you value their contribution.

  2. Are emotions involved in Business? – You have to be emotionally aware.

    Emotions usually bring to light the deeper, most important and relevant points of personal interactions. To be emotionally aware is very important as a Boss or an employee. It opens doors for healthy relationship beyond work. Business is ultimately about dealing with people and people always have emotions no matter the kind of work. While some may say emotions have no place in the business world, wise leaders and employees position themselves to be sensitive to others.

  3. Be a positive role model.

    As a leader, your actions determines what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. The same thing can be said of an employee too – your countenance or actions determine how others relate to you. As a leader, display actions that you want your team to emulate or echo. You are responsible for establishing rules and regulations of conduct or have expectations for how your staff should behave at work and certain actions that will not be tolerated. The most effective way to encourage bring this outcome is to correctly and precisely demonstrate these behaviors yourself. As an employee, strive to be the reference person i.e. when your overall boss wants to use someone as an example in a particular area say dressing or punctuality, make sure you are number 1 reference point.

  4. Stay Humble and Be yourself

    If you happen to make a mistake, readily admit to your error. Sincerely apologize (not forcefully) when needed and admit when you do not have the solution to a problem. Demonstrate the willingness to seek answers from other sources. Exhibiting such actions show your human side and help you gain the respect of employees and clients alike. People don’t like people that fail to admit their errors or hard to deal with.

    As a leader or employee, when you humbly admit a mistake your employees or team mates feel safe admitting their mistakes too, instead playing the “blame game.” This will create a more cooperative atmosphere in the company.

    As a leader too, always share the credit for successful projects with your team.

  5. Sustain a Positive and Progressive mindset in time of Crisis.

    We all know it is easy to be positive when things are going well but a good leader or team player will remain confident when things go wrong (crisis situations). Leaders embrace failures and consider such events as opportunities to learn. A positive outlook usually helps your staff remain encouraged and positive too. It also creates an overall upbeat work environment.. They will even remember you for being able to proffer viable solutions in times of crisis. Thinking and acting positive go side by side. Never slight anyone, in or out of your employ.

Thank you for reading.

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