7 Things You Can Do To Secure Your Dream Job

There are basically seven (7) things you can do to secure your dream job. Have you been desiring a particular job position? Don’t think you can’t get it. Have a positive mind-set and follow the steps below:

Note: You can combine the following tips with some of yours that have worked for you. Before you go ahead I want to believe you already know the following:

  1. Know the exact kind of job you want or the kind of company you want to work with.
  2. Have clear career goals
  3. Have a sound and presentable resume / CV

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  1. Networking is paramount – Never take it for granted:

You would definitely meet a lot of people in conferences, restaurants, current place of work, online, seminars and webinars or even relaxation centres. You could stumble on anybody important to your career success. You can take advantage networking by keeping in touch with these people. Don’t mind any way they might act to you. Just go for what you want. Attempt relationship building when you have the chance.

Furthermore, you can also quote them on social media and mention them. Know the ones that are active on social media. You could also write how meeting ‘so so person’ affected you positively. If any of them even has a book Get the book and read at least one so this gives you an opening advantage.

So, look around your contacts, network both online and offline and examine the person you want to leverage upon.

  1. Always watch out for online jobs advertisements:

There are many online job portals but search out for the best ones. Online job websites are the second biggest source of securing job leads.  The most popular job sites are not always the best. You  can always rely on www.findnigerianjobs.com for relevant jobs.

Subscribe to their newsletters in line with the kind of job you are looking for. Like their social media pages in order to see latest jobs in your social media news feed.

You can also submit your resume and be sure to update it when you make changes to it offline.

3. Always be present at Job Fairs:

Job fairs are great places to secure that dream job. You have a higher chance of securing your dream job than other means. It is always better than going to the company to drop resume or online application. Here you get instant interview with the right person. Job fairs, seminars and conferences occur frequently, so always be prepared and develop a strategy that will always help you stand out.

4.  Have a Professional Social Networking Profile – LinkedIn Being the first:

LinkedIn is a platform where employers search for the most qualified candidate for the job vacancy in their companies, so prepare your profile to be attractive. Don’t put up lies or fake achievements. Be modest and straight to the point. Filling LinkedIn is almost like coming up with CV/ Resume.

  • Be sure to put up a professional summary – this is what every person that lands on your profile would first read.
  • Update every needed criteria LinkedIn requests from you.

Read our article here on: Your LinkedIn Profile Can Bring You a Better Job

You can also check the Testimonies of Nigerians who got jobs through Social Media

 5. Search for Twitter Hashtags:

The impact of social media on our daily lives is really on the high side. You can visit twitter and in the search bar, enter these hashtags (one after the other): #hiring, #opportunity, #HR etc in your search bar. You can combine the hashtags at your discretion. You can also specify your search by using industry-specific hashtags such as #Oil&Gas, #telecoms #telcos, #sales&marketing, etc.

Engage the tweets that comes from your search results. You can bookmark them. You can even request for instant notifications from twitter accounts of recruiting companies that seem prospectful.

6.  Engage the “door to door” approach:

The “door to door” approach entails carrying your potential resume/CV from one prospectful company to the other. Going door to door with your resume and necessary documents is another way that can bring you that job. For companies that are recruiting digitally, you can drop your resume online and also submit offline.

If you are lucky enough, you can be called over for an interview right on the spot. So, go prepared and choose to go only to the companies you really want to work with. Always make a move!

7.  Prayer is the key:

The seven point is the most important of all – PRAYERS. There is nothing better than God’s hand on your back i.e. divine providence. You need to ask God to guide to where He wants you to work, not where you want to work. This will save you a lot of quality time and efforts that could be have been wasted.

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