The Best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done and self-restraint enough to keep meddling with them while they do it” – Theodore Roosevelt, US President

Every organization has a mission and a vision and it is capable and competent hands than can execute the mission and achieve the vision.

Job seekers must understand that no organization wants to “give” them a job, but always interested in someone it thinks may help them succeed. David Mc Nally

According to Jack Welch in Winning “All clever strategies and advanced technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work”. Brian Tracy in Hire and Keep the Best people, 21 Practical and Proven Techniques you can use immediately, has suggested that employers in the 21st century have to make a major mental paradigm shift by directing their thinking completely away from earlier times when plenty of capable people were available to the current situation where the number of people is quite limited.

Therefore, employers have to direct their attention toward hiring and keeping good people. They must have a very clear idea of who they are looking for to fill a job and as such, what they are looking for. If an incompetent or inappropriate person is hired definitely he cannot do the job properly and it is people like these that make business to flounder and go under. The incompetence we are referring to according to Jack Welch may be in terms of:


People with integrity tell the truth, and they keep their word. They take responsibility for past actions, admit mistakes, and fix them and they generally plan to win the right way by the rules.


This should not be confused with education, but candidates’ strong dose of intellectual curiosity, with a breadth of knowledge to work with or lead other smart people inn today’s complex world


This is not the same thing with age. It is the candidate’s ability to exhibit some traits such as ability to withstand the heat, handle stress and setbacks, respect others’ emotion.

Exhibit confidence but not arrogance; enjoy success with humility and sense of humor etc. Generally, the goal of an employer in hiring is to get the right players. According to Brian Tracy, as a manager, your natural tendency is to hire a person as a solution to a problem, fill a hole in the line-up, or to do a job that suddenly needs to be done. Martin John Yate says in Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions, Organizations have something in common-problems. To share those problems, companies need people. Being a problem solver is good but companies prefer to employ and promote someone who also understands what Business is all about.

Companies are in business to make money and they make money by being economical and their loyalty is to the bottom-line. Therefore, a prospective employer is interested in prospective employee with a business mind-set. It has also been suggested that a person’s past job performance is the surest guide to future performance. So also right education plus right experience and a compatible personality = a good fit according to Harvard Business Essentials.

Other traits to look for as suggested by Jack Welch include positive energy, ability to energize others, edge, the courage to make tough yes or no decisions and execute the ability to get the job done. While for senior level positions, – Authenticity, Foresight, the willingness to draw on others for advice and resilience.

Ron Fry in 101 Correct Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions says employers are looking for self-managing employees – people who are versatile, confident, ready, and able to work with a team, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves, work long hours and get the job done, i.e. they are looking for promising candidates.

Employers look beyond talent because talent alone is not enough. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Blink, pointed out that many companies and consultants put finding people with talent ahead of everything. Peter Ducker said “There seems to be little correlation between a man’s effectiveness and his intelligence, his imagination, or his knowledge, …. Intelligence, Imagination, knowledge, are essential resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results. By themselves, they set limits to what can be contained”

Good employers need “Talent Plus person as in the word of John C. Maxwell. The taent-plus people are the ones who maximize their talent, reach their potential, fulfil their destiny. Natural talent is good, but according to Maxwell, Talent plus people come as close as humanly possible to achieving their potential. They frequently over perform, people see their gifted ness and are amazed at how they continually rise above expectations. Their talents give them opportunities, and their right choices open the door for even greater success.

Source: Remi Fadola in Jobs within reach (A Practical Guide to Securing Your Dream Job)

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