Looking For International Jobs?

Looking for International Jobs?

Who says you can only limit yourself to your country alone in your search for job? John M.Goddard said: if you really know what you want out of life, it is amazing how opportunities will come to enable you carry them out. Your limitation in life is neither when you were born, nor colour or size, neither your parents but your mind. In the words of Ben Stein, the indispensable first step to getting things you want out of life is this-, decide what you want.  Looking beyond your environment reminds me of the words of Anthony Robbins, Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on mastering a single are of our lives, Have you forgotten that very transformation occurs as a result of information? Are you considering the United Nations(UN) jobs? There are seven UN organisations based in Geneva WHO, ILO, WIPO, IT, Other Europe based UN organisations include FAO and Rome and UNESCO in Paris. Each organisation also has several of regional and country offices all over the world. According to Michael Ann Jenkins, majority of employees at UN organisations are renewable short term contracts lasting 3-11 months and these cover everything from web programming Administrative work, Medical doctors, Statisticians etc.

Some of the organisations maintain on-line job centres while many openings are announced only internally or on paper at organisation offices.

However, applicants must be aware that UN organisations have country quotas that restrict how many people they can hire from each country and give preferences to applicants from under represented nations.

Apart from UN, Other international organizations jobs available are:



www.impactonline.org. (volunteer jobs)



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