Strategies To Help Employees To Remember What They Learn in Training

There is no denying the fact that the employer is the main head of the business, company, organization and what have you, the employer is the voice, it is through him that the company is heard. It is however the employees who is the neck, there to support and assist the head in the day to day running of the business.

In order for a business to be completely successful, there has to be a capable employer who is strategic, thinks on his feet, has the mind of a true entrepreneur and even more capable employees because it is the employees who carry out the main objectives and duties in the company under the supervision and management of the employer.

The employer-employee relationship can be seen in various scenarios in the business world, be it:

  • In a company
  • Industry
  • Law firm
  • Politics
  • National and international organizations etc.

A quote by Anne M. Mulcahy states that

“Employees are a company’s greatest assets, they are your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best, provide them with encouragement, stimulus and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission”

The employees are the greatest asset of the company, the back bone of the company and if employees fail in effectively carrying out his obligations and duties in the company, it can lead to serious problems be it legal problems, financial problems and even the eventual downfall of the company.

There is therefore the need to train employees effectively so as to help them understand better their roles in the company and help them work better.

Even though in most companies, the employees are trained on their roles, duties and obligations to the company, some of these employees still fall behind in the best accumulation of the trainings and that stops them from effectively carrying out their duties.

Hence the question: How can employers help employees remember what they learn in training? The best and most effective ways to train employees includes:


The first tip is the kind of environment an employee is being taught in. No one would like to be in a place where they are not able to concentrate on what is being said or taught.

A conducive environment for the purpose of these topic includes;

  • A clean place
  • Free and spacious place
  • A place void of any noise or distraction
  • A place which has the proper facilities to be used

A conducive environment is a very effective way of training employees and helping them remember


There is need to proper inform the employees on the history of the company, why it was formed and the main goals and expectancy of the company. This will enable the employee’s motivation to want to give their best when it comes to the smooth running of the company. That motivation will help them remember their training with a zeal to give their best


As the saying goes “a good teacher is a gift to the students”. Hence, employees should be provided with the best trainer in whatever field they are being trained in. if the trainer is skilled and creative in this teachings, it can help the employees remember what they are being taught.


Whereby the infrastructures and facilities used for training are completely adequate, it will create in the employees the zeal and excitement to want to learn well. But if most of the facilities for training are faulty, the employees can be distracted by them and fail to remember what they learn.


The training should be centered most on what the employees are supposed to learn and making it interesting also helps in stimulating the employees mind into remember what is being taught in order to remember it. Trainings can be made interesting by making it practical mostly using games, videos, art work etc.

Finally no one wants to do one particular thing for a vast number of time in a day, it is therefore advisable to keep trainings short and simple.


In as much as it is advisable to rule with a strict hands to make employees aware that mediocrity on their part won’t be tolerated, it is also necessary to encourage and acknowledge the little efforts of the employees. These would help in increasing the zeal to remember all that they have been taught to put into practice as they would want to give the company their very best seeing that their handwork won’t go unnoticed.

These are the basic and most effective ways to train employees and help them remember what they learnt in training.

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